Whether it’s with broadcasters, student journalists, those wanting to sharpen up their on-air performance or people looking to improve their English skills, I’m keen to teach and train more.

As soon as I felt I had something to pass on to fellow BBC journalists and presenters I took the opportunity to do so. It became a regular part of my role when I was the news editor at BBC Radio Leicester between 1989 and 1991, and it’s a skill I’ve maintained and added to ever since.

Within the BBC I’ve run courses on presentation, on editorial decision-making, on giving effective feedback, and – most frequently – on interviewing. I have also presided over numerous one-to-one feedback and mentoring sessions, and – in order to improve my work in this area – I have also attended a course within the BBC to teach me how to be a better and more effective coach.

Just to say I enjoyed the training very much and of course found it very useful.

A brilliant course.

I really enjoyed it and will be using plenty of your tips on this weeks show. I found it very inspirational.

Outside the BBC I do teaching and training work with journalism students at City University in London and at West London University.  Sessions there have been a mixture of lectures, real-life radio and TV scenarios, and giving feedback.

Thanks so much for yesterday , it was fab!

Hi – really motivating day. Really interesting…thought provoking and useful.

Thank you for yesterday. I really enjoyed the day and have taken a lot away from it that I will be putting into practice one thing at a time!

Clearly, the more you train people to ask the right question, the more likely you are to pinpoint how people should best answer it.  My training work extends to offering advice on how best to perform in a media environment.  In that scenario I ask the soft questions or the hard questions in a true-to-life series of ‘on-air’ encounters, and you gain experience in handling either of them.  Recent work with a client in a high-profile media role prompted the promise that she’d certainly recommend my work to others in the future.

I feel totally revitalised by the day’s training. I’m rewriting all the cues on our Sunday Breakfast offers and it’s given me a creative buzz.

I also feel much more confident about my own skills and it’s a great feeling!

My teaching work also extends to English as a foreign language.  I gained a basic qualification in 2007 prior to travelling around the world for six months.  I used that teaching know-how with children in Buenos Aires.

In 2015 I added to that qualification with a 100-hour TESOL course in English, which included specific elements aimed at people who are learning the language for business purposes, and I now have two private clients – one Chinese, one French – and aim to have more.  While teaching English I’m learning Spanish.  I’m yet to conclude if one is helping the other….