The future of the food we eat, the issues facing landlords and tenants, the way we extract minerals from the ground without ruining the environment – just some of the issues I’ve tackled as a moderator and chairperson. And if they aren’t tricky enough, try religious broadcasting…

I’ve taken charge of large gatherings of more than five hundred people, and maintained order in public consultations when feelings have been running high. Presenting radio phone-ins over the years has certainly helped the latter.

At every event I aim to be well prepared, to know the subject matter in detail, and to be ready to inject some humour when the opportunity arises. Years of presenting live news on the television have helped me stay calm when the unexpected happens.

Here’s what others have thought about the work I’ve done:

“Once again Julian did a superb job for us. We were very pleased.”

Mineral Products Association

“Thanks to you, the day ran exactly to time which is quite a feat bearing in mind that we had our record attendance of 580 delegates to move around the building.”

ARLA Conference

“Incredibly well prepared and extremely professional, a joy to work with.”

Food and Beverage Conference