My writing work is something I’d like to expand. At intervals I’ve had articles published in the likes of the Guardian and the Independent, and when I took a six-month sabbatical in 2007/08 I had a travel blog published on the Times website. Here are links to published pieces:

Hand-iconNot up to par? Tee off to Marbella

Hand-iconJust Here for the Rear

Hand-iconThe One and Only

I have become active with the charity, Arthritis Care, in recent years. It publishes a quarterly magazine, Inspire, for which I write a regular diary column…

Hand-iconJulian’s Arthritis Diary • Spring 2016

My heart lies in writing comic fiction. Ten years ago I finished a novel set in a local radio station, which appealed to one literary agent but no publishers. Now I’ve a mission to get a newly completed novel into print. It’s called ‘Sidelined’, it’s set in the world of 24-hour television news, and it tells the story of an increasingly frustrated presenter/frontman whose career seems to be heading ever downwards until a Royal visitor changes everything … not necessarily in a good way. The pursuit of a publisher is work in progress.